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With its elegant design and captivating charm, the iAntique audio guest book transports you to a bygone era while seamlessly blending with modern wedding aesthetics. Its antique allure will enchant you and your guests, evoking a sense of magic and romance that will linger long after your special day.

Unforgettable Memories: The iAntique audio guest book offers a truly unforgettable way to capture the essence of your wedding day. Instead of traditional ink on paper, your guests leave heartfelt audio messages, creating a timeless keepsake that you can cherish forever.

Modern Twist on Tradition & Enhanced Guest Interaction: Say farewell to conventional guest books that often gather dust on shelves. This innovative guest book puts a modern spin on the age-old tradition, ensuring that your wedding memories are captured uniquely and meaningfully. It's not just about collecting signatures; it's about gathering genuine sentiments and well wishes from your loved ones. Each audio message is raw, heartfelt, and full of emotion, providing a true reflection of the love and joy shared on your special day.

Portable and Versatile: Whether you want to move the guest book from the ceremony to the reception or change its location throughout the event, the iAntique offers flexibility. With the option of plug-in or battery power, you can place it wherever you please. Guests will be drawn to its vintage charm and encouraged to leave their messages, creating a seamless and interactive experience for everyone.

Complete Package with Interactive Signage: The iAntique audio guest book comes as a complete package, including interactive signage with clear instructions for your guests. This ensures that everyone knows how to leave their heartfelt messages, making it easy and enjoyable for all to participate.

Elegant Keepsake Wedding Card Box: In addition to the innovative audio guest book, you'll receive an exquisite wedding card box. This elegant box provides a stylish and secure place for guests to leave their cards and well wishes, adding an extra touch of sophistication to your celebration. It complements the iAntique's charm and completes the package for a memorable wedding experience.


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